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Coptech doo Belgrade

We manufacture and distribute all types of cables and cable accessories, aluminum and steel ropes, special cables and ropes, raw materials for the cable industry, copper rails and other products. We are a strategic partner of FKS Kablovi Jagodina and also leading partners of NEXANS and ARISTONCAVI, the largest manufacturer of cables and cable accessories in the world. Also we are an authorized distributor of companies: FABERKABEL, PENGG, KASTRO KABLA, AFL and other reputable manufacturers. We are holders of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO / IEC 27001: 2014 ISO 45001: 2018 certificates.
We are recognizable on the market by the wide range of cables we offer, which are used in various areas such as apartment construction, shopping malls construction, hydropower plants construction, solar power plants construction, oil industry, railways, aviation industry. We are known for good prices and reliable delivery times. We have large amounts of cables in our stock which can be delivered at any time.


Social Responsibility

Cables transmit energy. We always try to transmit our energy and good will as farther as possible. We are pleased to affect the well-being of society and the environment we live in.



Being aware of the importance of sustainable development, we try to include conscious care for the environment in our business constantly, in the following ways:

  • When choosing packaging materials, we use those that can be recycled and disposed in an adequate way
  • We reduce waste, sort it and take care of its disposal in a way that as much as possible of it can be recycled
  • We try to reduce the use of natural resources and energy within the company


Coptech DOO Belgrade team

The knowledge that by playing as a team we will improve ourselves personally and that our entire organization is as strong as the weakest individual in the team have been making the our success during 13 years of work.
That is why we invest in individuals, providing them with support in personal and business terms.
That makes us a winning team!