profile copper wire

ROUND, Profiled, copper and  silver alloy tients WIRE

Could be applied:
- The production of transformers
- The production of electric motors
- In the auto industry
- For further insulation: paper, silk, lacquer, ...

Produce the following forms and qualities:
- Round and profiled cross section area 5-120 mm2, width max. 25mm and thickness min.1mm
- Complex shapes forms and sizes according to customer specification
- Trolley wire according to EN 50 149
Balance of materials for all sections: Soft, Hard and Semi-hard



Round and profiled wires are produced in groups of quality: F20, F25 and F30 depending on the values of tensile strength and elongation.
It is possible to manufacture wires according to the requirements of standards and the requirements of the customer.
Packaging wire bundles at the inner diameter of 350mm and outer diameter 620 ÷ 650mm. Bundles are bonded plastic wrap and stacked on a wooden pallet 620x620mm or 900x900mm.
Accompanies each shipment certificate of quality to guarantee the fulfillment of the required quality.

Mechanical installation of the factory, with a classic machine tools (lathes, grinding machines for surface grinding up to a diameter of 600 mm and a height of 450 mm), and has PeTeWe grinder for grinding and profiling machines for electro-erosive machining of metals, which are primarily used for making tools and rollers for the production of round and profiled Bakar wire

copper profile wire

Standards: DIN 43141, ASTM B-47, ASTM B-116, ASTM B-9...

Available in the following materials: ED-Cu, CuSn (Copper Tin), CuMg, CuCd  or  CuAg

Complex Profiles - we do it according to the request of buyer

Metod of packing Weight Dimensions
• wooden spool
Max. 200kg Depending on the type of products and customer request
• bundless
Max. 200kg Depending on the type of products and customer request

Copper wire are produced in Serbia of 100% Serbian copper. Therefore, we can supply copper conductors with ~ Eur 1~ form. This mean that they are not subject to additional 4.8% European duty!